Generational divides revealed: Kiwi investment preferences explored in new report

  • : Banked NZ
  • : 26/01/2023
  •  Highlights

    • Younger generations are most likely to invest in shares, while Gen X say they are just as likely to invest in crypto. Term deposits are the top choice for Baby Boomers.
    • 52% of Kiwis think 2023 will be a better year for investing than 2022.
    • 87% think it’s important to invest in a socially responsible way.

    Auckland, New Zealand – There is a distinct difference in investment preferences across generations of Kiwis, shows a new report from Banked. The personal finance website surveyed 1,020 New Zealand adults about their inclinations and attitudes to investing.

    When asked what type of investment they were most likely to invest in, the top choice for Gen Z and Millennial Kiwis was shares (26.8% and 24.2%, respectively).

    Property was the second most common choice for Gen Z, with 19.3% of those aged 18 to 26 saying they were most likely to invest in that investment type.

    Along with shares, Gen X say they are just as likely to invest in cryptocurrency (both selected by 21.3% of respondents).

    Those of the Baby Boomer generation are much less interested in shares (13.3%) while more than a third (35.2%) say their top investment choice is a term deposit.

    “Our report shows a fascinating difference in the investment interests of Kiwis across age groups,” says Kevin McHugh, Head of Publishing for Banked.

    “The boom of micro-investing apps and the popularity of so-called ‘Reddit stocks’ has captured the imagination of younger generations and they’ve really embraced investing in shares and funds.

    “But as we move up the age groups there’s a declining interest in shares and a much greater attraction to lower-risk term deposits,” says McHugh.

    “We also see that while home ownership has become increasingly difficult in recent years, it hasn’t dented the aspirations of younger people to own property.”

    See the full report:

    Most Kiwis optimistic for 2023

    Banked’s report also shows that a majority of New Zealanders believe this year will be more fruitful for investors.

    Asked if they thought 2023 would be a better year for investing than 2022, more than half (52.2%) said yes. Only 17.1% said no, while 30.8% said they didn’t know.

    “Twenty twenty-two was a turbulent year for investors, with most investment types losing value. But most Kiwis are feeling more positive about 2023 and some may turn to investing as a way to counter the impact of inflation,” says McHugh.

    A nation of socially responsible investors

    The new report reveals the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing to New Zealanders.

    A huge 87.1% of respondents say it’s important to invest socially responsibly, and only 12.9% disagree.

    Gen Z feel the most strongly about the topic, with 90% saying it’s important. But the belief was uniform across all ages, with no age group dropping below 82%.

    For those that say they didn’t think socially responsible investing was important, a desire just to get the best return possible is the main reason for most (42.4%), while 32.6% say they thought it made no difference.


    About Banked

    Banked is a financial information and deals website that has the goal of helping New Zealanders make the best decisions on the products they need.

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UPDATED: ResolveXO opens New Zealand office

  • : ResolveXO
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  • UPDATED: ResolveXO is proud to announce the establishment of a new office in Auckland, New Zealand. This follows the opening of new commercial and industrial offices in Brisbane and Sydney in the last 12 months and signals our commitment to the New Zealand market. The new office will be led by ResolveXO Principal Anna Rusk and both she and ResolveXO Founder and CEO Stuart Allison are excited about the move.

    “There is an increasing demand in New Zealand for strategic corporate property advice and we believe it is important to have a permanent presence in that market”, said Mr Allison. “While the market is different to that of Australia, the need for independent, conflict-free tenant advisory services is much the same and we are looking forward to introducing those services to New Zealand.”

    ResolveXO will be providing expertise and guidance across all areas of commercial and industrial property including lease renewal, restructuring and negotiation, sale and leaseback, property procurement, market rent reviews, property and lease disposal, reinstatement, portfolio management, occupancy reviews, market research, strategic planning, analysis and benchmarking, and freehold advice. While the office will be based in Auckland, the New Zealand team will work with clients throughout the country and provide a ‘boots on the ground’ service for many Australian clients that also have a New Zealand presence.

    While ResolveXO was founded in Australia, the New Zealand office will be New Zealand led. Originating from Northland, Anna Rusk has returned to Auckland to lead the team.

    “It’s fantastic to be back in New Zealand and I’m grateful for the opportunity to set up the ResolveXO New Zealand office”, said Ms Rusk. “It’s even more fantastic to be able to help our New Zealand clients strategically plan, negotiate, secure, and manage their property portfolios at a time when independent, qualified advice has never been more important. In New Zealand, we’re seeing a rush to quality office space, the lowest industrial vacancy rates in recent history, and a continuing growth in demand everywhere. Combined with rising costs and sustainability imperatives, this is making decision-making more complicated and difficult. That’s why our strategic advice is proving so critical in helping our clients make the right decisions about their property portfolios.”

    Anna has worked in the corporate property industry for nearly 20 years, representing clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. With her significant experience in working with both landlords and occupiers, Anna has an excellent understanding of what motivates each party in a transaction. This experience, combined with her qualifications in commercial law, has made her a canny operator and skilful negotiator. Anna will be joined by David Bygrave who will focus on partnering with clients in the industrial property sector. David also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients across the areas of supply chain, procurement, and strategic business operations.

    Both will be working to expand ResolveXO’s New Zealand operations and deliver even greater value to our New Zealand clients.

    About ResolveXO

    ResolveXO exclusively represents business occupiers of commercial and industrial premises to strategically plan, negotiate, secure, and manage their property portfolios. We are Australasia’s leading corporate property strategists and 100% owned and operated by our principals.

    ResolveXO has no association or affiliations with any agency, project management, construction, designer, or landlord entities. We do not and never will represent commercial and industrial landlords in their dealings with commercial and industrial tenants. We take conflicts of interest very seriously – so much so, that we are the only major Australasian corporate property strategy firm that exclusively represents commercial and industrial property occupiers.

    As we only work for business occupiers and do not receive incentives or payments from any other parties, we provide independent advice you can trust. From beginning to end, we make sure that we protect the critical business relationships you need to maintain throughout your commercial and industrial property portfolio.

    Your commercial and industrial property decisions are critical to the ongoing operation of your business. It makes sense to have commercial and industrial property strategists there to help you make the right decisions.


    Stuart Allison, CEO

    M +61 411 506 762 | P +61 3 9021 7500

    Anna Rusk, New Zealand Principal

    M +64 27 253 5897 | P +64 9 870 2811

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New Zealand collaborators reveal innovative gut health product

  • : Zestt Wellness
  • : 23/01/2023
  • A Dunedin company, Zestt Wellness, have launched a new gut health product to help counter the damage caused to our digestive system from processed foods and additives.  One of the co-founders of Zestt, Dr Anna Campbell, says that damage to our gut health can be associated with the onset of chronic disease.

    Campbell, along with fellow founder, Darcy Schack, were driven to create a science-based gut health product that used New Zealand grown ingredients and innovation.

    These ingredients include yacon, which according to Campbell is “a superfood due to its amazing prebiotic properties.  Yacon provides a form of sugar that our body can’t digest but our gut bacteria can, this helps the growth of good bacteria and inhibits the growth of bad.  Clinical trials have shown that yacon can also reduce appetite and help with weight management”.  The Zestt team have partnered with Kerikeri organic yacon producer, Marcus van Boxel, and are excited about the availability and quality of yacon in New Zealand.

    Knowing the benefits of yacon and finding a local producer were only part of the equation.  Through a collaboration with Blenheim based company, Taylor Pass Honey and a Nelson based food scientist, Grant MacDonald, the team have found a way to turn the yacon syrup into a dried product – something that others have not been able to do.   A clever bit of local innovation has meant that they have been able to create the new ‘Thrive’ lozenge that has the correct pH and consistency and that also includes other New Zealand ingredients that are good for gut health, such as gold kiwifruit and probiotics from another Dunedin based company, BLIS Technologies.

    Creating a quality product from quality ingredients has its challenges.  According to Schack “the trick is to combine these ingredients, without losing bioactivity, so a lot of attention to detail and testing needs to happen along the way to insure none of the goodness is lost”.

    The inspiration for Zestt Wellness’ products arises from Schack’s personal health battles with Sarcoidosis, a little-known autoimmune disease, which affected his lung, heart and brain functions.  Zestt Wellness was established in 2019 and they released their first product EXhale, a lung health and immunity formulation, that year.

    Campbell is excited about the new product “launching a product that is based on quality ingredients, quality collaborations, innovation and a bit of Kiwi magic is something that we are proud of; best of all, we know this will make a difference to the health and well-being of some New Zealanders.”


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    About Zestt Wellness

    in 2022, Zestt launched their product range in the USA and were named finalists in the Asia Pacific Nutra Ingredients Start Up Company award and winners of the New Zealand China Business Club Innovator award.  As a company, they tap into the rich New Zealand science and innovation ecosystem and partner with premium growers throughout the country to develop products with strong science behind them.

    To contact Zestt Wellness:

    Anna Campbell 027 4861418;

    Darcy Schack 027 599 2255;

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