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NewzEngine requires you to abide by our terms of use

NewzEngine requirements

By using NewzEngine you agree to our terms of use

The user/client of NewzEngine’s service and/or platform must agree to these Terms of Use (here and below), and to all legal obligations required by NewzEngine of the user/client including an acceptance by the user/client to provide indemnity for NewzEngine against any liability, costs (including legal), and/or responsibility (real, potential or otherwise) for content, media, statements and/or assertions and actions (including financial claims) brought about due to any reason, including civil and/or criminal claims by the user/client and/or other third parties, entities and/or individuals. That the user/client by using NewzEngine’s service and/or platform agrees to all terms of use (here and below), and including NewzEngine’s privacy policy.

Further legal detail, definitions, sections of terms, NewzEngine legal requirements, user agreements and obligations, commitments to submitting factual content, statement of ownership of submitted IP, content and media;

Statement of non-endorsement of content, client/user statements;

NewzEngine’s indemnity statement from any kind of liability, statement that the user/client indemnifies NewzEngline, its owners and/or managers and/or staff or representatives against claims (of any kind).

Statement that by using NewsEngine the user/client agrees to these terms and accepts full responsibility (including costs and liability) for any actions or claims that may be brought against NewzEngine, its owners, managers, staff and/or representatives by a third party.

Additionally, the user/client agrees that in no event shall he or she, or any entity or representative of the user/client make a claim of any kind (legal or otherwise) against NewzEngine its owners, managers, staff or representatives and accepts in good faith that NewzEngine is providing a distribution service to the user/client and in no way asserts legal ownership nor copyright of the content distributed through its platform, notwithstanding that any outlet that chooses to publish the user/client’s content and/or media can and may claim copyright of the content and media for the purpose of its core business including the syndication of the content to other third parties.

The user/client of NewzEngine’s service and/or platform also provides indemnity to those other parties that may or may/not choose to publish and/or syndicate the submitted and distributed content.