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Our Service

Release creator platform

NewzEngine has created an innovative news release creator platform that is simple to use and designed for communications professionals and news creators. Read FAQs here >>

Professional distribution service

NewzEngine’s platform also distributes news releases, docs and multimedia to journalists, and media outlets in New Zealand, Australia, and the wider Asia Pacific region. Read FAQs here >>

Content syndication service

NewzEngine Publishes your submission onsite and to the MIL-OSI network, then syndicates your news to the world’s top news, information, data aggregators (Dow Jones Factiva, Lexis Nexis, AcquireMedia/NewsCycle, Contify, Gale, NewsBank USA, and Knowledge Basket (NZ).  Read FAQs here >>

News release guide

NewzEngine has created a step-by-step easy to use guide on how to create a release.

This ensures your submission presents the right info at the right time. Read more >>

NewzEngine makes complexity simple

Whether you are a skilled communications professional, or have expertise in other areas and just need to get your message out, you will find NewzEngine well structured, logical, and displaying simple guidance in creating a news release (should you need it).

NewzEngine’s platform does the heavy-lifting publishing, syndicating, distributing.

Our Mission

To give reach to a client’s message. To provide an easy to use, highly professional, communications distribution platform that provides significant reach, to the right outlets, for news generators and communications professionals.

 Deliver a high quality distribution service

 Support clients through our easy to use platform

 Ensure distributed content gets to the right outlets

 Deliver an excellent service that clients will recommend

 Apply professional editorial standards to news and content.

Our Commitment

At NewzEngine we are committed to providing the best possible service; have placed courteousness as central to our business culture; and will continue to provide innovative technologies that turbocharge your info and content needs.

Quality Assurance

NewzEngine’s founders have decades of journalist/communications/management experience.

We have designed an innovative system that ensures a simple user-journey while maintaining strict quality control and distribution of the release product.

When you use NewzEngine, your news and info will meet the highest professional standards, and be distributed, and syndicated, to the right media outlets.


NewzEngine’s quality control protocol

First Steps

FIRST STEP: Choose & Purchase Subscription & Activate Account

Choose and purchase your subscription plan by using NewzEngine’s secure cart and choose either Paypal or our bank’s recommended secure payment platform.
* Once your payment has been received your NewzEngine account will automatically be created.

Purchase your plan here

SECOND STEP: Check out our User Manual & prepare your info

NewzEngine provides access to two user manual guides, a brief version designed for those who are accustomed to writing releases (this will get you started quickly), and an extended guidethat will assist people who have not created a media release before, or who need help to meet communications best practice standards.

THIRD STEP: Input your info into our release formatting platform & Distribute

Input your info into our release platform and let NewzEngine create, format, and distribute your news release/speech and multimedia to journalists, editors, and media outlets based throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia.
* As well as being distributed to journalists, if your submission is authorised by our editors, it will be published by the MIL-OSI network and syndicated to the world’s top news, information, data aggregators (Dow Jones Factiva, Lexis Nexis, AcquireMedia/NewsCycle, Contify, Gale, NewsBank USA, and Knowledge Basket (NZ).

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Leading the team

NewzEngine’s founders lead our news and info distribution service.

Sarah Putt
Sarah Putt Co-Founder, CEO & Director

Sarah is a communications professional with years of news and client relations expertise. She manages your NewzEngine experience.

Selwyn Manning
Selwyn Manning Co-Founder & Director

Selwyn also has over 20 years experience as a journalist and news media specialist. He is responsible for growth and strategy.

NewzEngine's platorm
NewzEngine’s platorm SAAS

NewzEngine is simple, powerful and cost efficient. It creates releases and distributes news to journalists and global aggregators.

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