Prepare your info

PREPARATION: Before you begin to write your media release, you need to assemble the information. Here is a checklist of what you will need:

      • NEWS RELEASE –
      • Idea, product, service, milestone event to write about
      • Name of spokesperson/people
      • Social media account to reference (optional)
      • Contact name and details of person for further information
      • A description of your organisation/company
      • Supporting media such as photographs and video (optional)
      • Company logo or graphic
ID your release

ID RELEASE: Upload your organisation’s logo (optional), write your organisation’s name and decide when you want the release to be published.

Input text

HEADLINE: The headline should ideally summarise the contents of the release, while at the same time compel the reader to read the copy in the paragraphs below. It is often easier to write the headline at the end of the process of compiling and writing the information. 

RELEASE TEXT: Create and prioritise your key messages. You can start by asking the questions – Who?, What?, Why?How?, Where?, When?

Identify who in your organisations will be the spokesperson in the release. This should ideally be a senior member of the organisation with a job title that is relevant to the content of the release. Ensure you get “sign off” from that person (s) and that they are across the information in the release as they will be held accountable.

Once you have your key messages and spokesperson established, decide how you can provide a proof point for each one. In general, statements are for facts and quotes are for opinion.

Always ensure you can back up every claim made, otherwise you may be in breach of fair trading laws, and if you are referring to a third-party organisation or living person – especially in a negative context – ensure you don’t breach defamation laws.

Add multimedia and additional files

FILES & MULTIMEDIA: Prepare and upload files, images, and URL address for video and audio files. Please note that this is optional.

Contact details

CONTACT NAMES AND DETAILS: Note your primary contact person and their details. This person is can the primary person quoted in the news release, or it could be a communications representative or someone who can quickly, and without fuss, connect a journalist to the primary spokesperson.

SOCIAL MEDIA DETAILS: Note down the social media accounts that connect to your business, organisation, or entity, and, if necessary, the social media accounts of your primary spokesperson.


Prepare distribution

PREPARE DISTRIBUTION: Select the media outlets that you wish to distribute your release to. You can choose as many outlets as you consider would be interested in your release.

CHECK LIST: Consider each point in the check list. You cannot submit the release without ticking each check list box. This helps serve as a reminder to check and double-check all the information that the NewzEngine platform will prepare.

CHECKS AND AUTHORISATION: This is where you confirm that your release and all media are cleared for publication, that your organisation has copyright, and that you are authorised to permit NewzEngine and other media third parties to use the written content and attached media as they see fit. This authorisation is also confirmation that the release has been signed off, and that it is ready to be distributed/syndicated by If you need to change anything, go back to the relevant section and make your changes. Do read NewzEngine’s terms of use as a reminder of your obligations.

FINAL STEP: If you want to review your work then click and ‘Save Draft’ go to you account and under ‘Return to your Posts’ you can view a PDF of your release. If you are ready to send your release and media files then click on ‘Send to Editor’ and it will be reviewed by our NewzEngine editor who will either publish the release or return it to you with comments for adjustments. Once your release is approved it will be distributed/syndicated to media based on your selected outlets.