– Anyone can write, but not everyone can write compelling, interesting content on a regular basis. So, when the commitment is made to the blank page, you want to get the most value out of your time (or the time of the person you may be paying to write your content). What is the best bang for your buck – a press release or a blog post?

The answer is simple. It can be both. You can start with the same idea, the same information, you just need to alter the style.

A blog post is conversational – it’s like chatting to a friend about your topic. A press release is a formal statement – it’s like a cover letter for a job application, you are out to capture and retain the attention of an audience who are unlikely to know you, who have many people competing for their attention, and for whom you want something very significant (in this case a professional writer or broadcaster to think your content is worthy of their time and effort).

This is a blog post, so the headline is informal. If it was a press release, the headline might be “Press releases and blog posts differ in style, not content”.

The first sentence would change too, for example: “Effective content writing takes into account stylistic differences.”

Of course, this isn’t a press release because it isn’t newsworthy. And that is another critical difference between these two content types. A blog post seeks to be informative, while a press release seeks to be newsworthy. The latter announces a new product, new survey, new appointment, new investment, new event, and so on.

If you are creating content for your business or organisation on a regular basis, then you will write many blogs, and only some of them will turn into press releases. And, when they do, you can send them out using NewzEngine.

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