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Flow Software unveils new integration platform Statelake, empowering SMBs to supercharge their growth

Flow Software has just opened registrations of interest in both Australia and NZ for its new integration software platform, Statelake. Flow Software has been helping businesses of all sizes achieve digital transformation and operational efficiency since 2003 and has an impressive list of over 400 clients including Kotahi, Villa Maria, Fliway, Tegel Foods and Whitakers. Their new platform Statelake will enable businesses to connect quickly and cost-effectively with their own customers, trading partners, and internal applications, providing better visibility and traceability of transactions. Ultimately, it empowers companies to scale-up and take on new business without being dependent on increasing head-count to manage the growth. Watch the Statelake video here The launch of the new platform is the perfect time for Flow Software to take Statelake directly to the Australian market where they already have over 150 customers through their existing partnerships. Over the years, they have acquired deep expertise and a variety of customers in the logistics and supply chain sector, and this will be a key market they will service in Australia. David Masters, Flow Software CEO & Managing Director says “We see huge potential in Australia to replicate the success we’ve had in the transport and logistics sector in New Zealand. Statelake will provide NZ and Australian businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from cost effective business to business connectivity, enabling them to reduce costs and scale faster.” Flow Software is taking registrations of interest from businesses who want more information on the Statelake platform, and how other customers are using it to make their systems and processes easier and more cost effective. Interested businesses can find out more at or by contacting Head of Sales, Andrew Glasson. For more information on Statelake: M: +64 21 224 3569 | E: For general enquiries about Flow Software: | P: +64 9 476 3569 | E:

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Relab wins ‘Dragons Den’ style showcase at top New Zealand Property Event

Relab takes out the win at the inaugural Innovation Showcase at this year’s Property Council New Zealand’s national conference, delivering fast and accurate data and insights to property professionals all from one digital platform. Auckland based property tech company, Relab is excited to have captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of attendees at the 2021 Property Council New Zealand’s national Conference, this year being live streamed up and down New Zealand. In a dragon’s den style pitch-off, Relab CEO, Knight Hou won the vote of attendees against 3D concrete printer Qorox. The property landscape is moving at breakneck speed and in an ever-changing industry data transparency and accessibility is vital in keeping property professionals up to date with the demands and expectations of clients in an industry where time is money. Relab offers a one stop shop for property professionals and is fast rolling out an array of new features and products to support its exceptional offering. Given the need for innovative and collaborative approaches to solving the housing crisis, plus the speed at which new housing supplies are expected to flow, having accurate and comprehensive information at early stage of developments are critical for many property professionals. It is because of this that Relab has partnered with RICO to offer the property industry a first of its kind, automated property and planning reporting tool designed to give real estate agents, developers and other property professionals instant access to detailed planning information at a fraction of the price of traditional channels. CEO and Co-founder of RICO, Foss Shanahan said,

“We saw the potential to assist Relab in giving their customers upfront transparency on general Planning and Resource Consent issues that could affect projects downstream”.
Property professionals in Auckland, NZ will now be able to create a highly detailed, automated property report in minutes and for a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Relab’s CEO and Co-founder Knight Hou is excited about the partnership and the value that It will bring to property professionals across New Zealand, saying ….
“Through a joint effort, we hope to bring a more timely and accessible solution to the industry, alleviating the need for multiple, costly systems and cumbersome work practices…”
Relabs latest product offering (RPR) launches in BETA early next week, get in touch to see a demo. ENDS For further information or questions contact:  Knight Hou – Co-founder & CEO, Relab  Email: About RICO  Rico is a cloud-based software solution used by leading planning and land development professionals to assist in preparing resource consent applications. Rico’s proprietary technology saves property professionals time and enables better, faster results for their client’s by systematically avoiding missed considerations that cause project delays, while organising applications into a council-friendly format that optimises processing. Visit About Relab Relab is a B2B SaaS platform that helps property professionals access the data and insights they need, all in one place so they can work smarter, deliver faster for their clients and be more successful. With features including Subdivision Feasibility Calculator, unitary plan details, world class topography, underground services, sales history, Automated Valuation Model (AVM), advanced search, RPR and the ability to order titles easily online, Relab is fast becoming the go-to, all in one, mobile first platform for savvy property professionals in New Zealand. Visit 

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PODCAST: Covid-19 & Melanesian Instability with Buchanan + Manning + Dr David Robie

This week’s A View from Afar podcast. Political scientist Paul Buchanan and publisher/producer Selwyn Manning are joined by Dr David Robie to discuss how Covid-19 has become a trigger of instability in the wider Pacific Region. Dr David Robie is editor of and a renowned expert on Melanesian and Pacific affairs. In this, the first of a two-part SPECIAL, we analyse how Covid-19 has been a trigger of instability across the Pacific region. And specifically, for this episode, we deep dive into instability in Melanesia focusing on:

  • Security issues in Papua New Guinea
  • Indonesia’s interests in dividing regional groups such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group
  • a security crisis that has developed in Fiji, after the recent detention of nine politicians and activists who dared to criticise former military coup leader, Frank Bainimarama’s government.
Buchanan, Manning, and Robie analyse these topics in detail and express concern for Indonesian interference in the Melanesian Spearhead Group and for democracy in the region, especially as Fiji edges toward expected elections in 2022.
  • About A View from Afar:

  • A View from Afar is able to be re-streamed and re-broadcast. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • The podcast A View from Afar is produced by 36th Parallel assessments’ Paul G. Buchanan and Multimedia Investments Ltd’s Selwyn Manning.

  • It was Nominated as a Top Defence Security Podcast by Threat.Technology – a London-based cyber security news publication.

  • Threat.Technology placed A View from Afar at 9th in its 20 Best Defence Security Podcasts of 2021 category. You can follow A View from Afar via our affiliate syndicators.

You can also see this podcast as video-on-demand, and earlier episodes too, by checking out or, subscribe to the Evening Report podcast here.
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Creative Commons Licence A View from Afar by Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

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